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bt Music News #2


Our first post of bt Music News was a huge success.  To Date it has been viewed over 1,500 times.  Thanks to everyone you send me ideas and shared our link.  I will be working out the design and layout over the next several posts so bare with us but it's great to see people on board with the idea of our own area music news.

I've had several people ask "what kind of news or bands am I going to write about?"  bt Media Group has always been a champion for independent artists & venues that support those artists.  We like to see regional bands being original so we're going to cover just that.  Bands & Venues that are doing there own thing.  Not that we don't love and appreciate cover bands... every local honky tonk/ bar needs a band doing songs so people and drink and dance but we are going to focus on the other side.

OUR GOAL:  To introduce you to local artists ...sometimes hidden in the far reaches of the hills of Appalachia


That being said below is this weeks news.....


Big news came of the Expo Center in Pikeville this week with the announcement of a Chris Stapleton Concert  April 21st

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last three years you will know that not only is Chris a Johnson County native but bassist J.T. Cure is from Elkhorn City and a frequent patron of Mountain Music Exchange.

Sean Whiting is getting ready head in to the studio to record a new E.P. for 2017.  TubeFi Studios will be his home for a while.


The Old Regulars are in the studio working on a new release of original blues tunes.

The Old Regulars are Tyler Beverly- Bass, Vocals
Tomm Huff- Drums, Vocals
Matt Mullins- Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Phillips- Guitar, Vocals

Fans of the Slide Guitar Blues should check these guys out.


Wayne Graham back from European Tour

Whitesburg natives Kenny & Hayden Miles, founding members of Wayne Graham just completed a European Tour promoting there newest project titled "Mexico"

The month long tour put Wayne Graham in around 20 venues & several radio stations spanning Germany and Switzerland.

Fan's of Wilco, Neil Young, Fleet Foxes

Here's a video for there current single "Mexico"


Tim Browning and the Widowmakers

Tim Browning & the Widowmakers wrapped up a three song video shoot in Huntington this month and  hope to have videos from there new release Bad Intentions out in early 2017.

Fans of Drive By Truckers, Blackberry Smoke, Mike Knott will dig this band


Video Shoot Clip

Who’s Playin’ Where?


December can be slow for bands in our area but here's a few events happening this week.

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