Essential Gear For Working Musicians

We’ve put together a list of handy, even “must have” pieces of gear that will make your life so much easier on the road either gigging with your own band or as a hired musician.

  1. It might seem like overkill but a musicians toolkit can be a life saver.  From a quick restring or neck adjustment to just having a good screwdriver to fix something loose on stage, you should never leave home without one.

2. Earplugs.  You never know when you’re gonna get put way too close to the drums or another players half stack.  Be prepared and save your hearing with some good quality earplugs.

3. Gear Bag.  There is nothing worse than making four trips to the band van looking for that extra cable or that pack of 9v batteries you just bought.  A good gear bag is perfect for extra cables, picks, strings as well as all things you use nightly.  Good one and you’ll find that showing up to a new venue doesn’t have to be a pain.

4. This one is so obvious but often over looked.  Earbuds.  We’ve all been there…at the last minute someone has the bright idea to do a new song or rehash an old one you haven’t played in years and what do they do?  They whip out a phone in the middle of club and expect you to hover around and try to hear all the parts on that tiny speaker.  Keep some earbuds in your bag and you can plug them in to his phone and actually hear that low end lick or beat.  It’s always best to keep this set in your bag not the usual ones you keep because nine times out of ten those will be in the van!

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