Weezer – Black Album

Weezer – Black Album

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Consistency, the best word to describe Weezer over the past near quarter century. Weezer’s staple hooks, melodies and Rivers Cuomo’s monotone soothing, melted butter like vocals have become a safety blanket of familiarity for fans of the band.

With all of the above mentioned still present, The Black Album feels different somehow. From the first
few seconds of Knock the Hustle and Zombie Bastards, you know you’re in for a different ride than past Weezer albums, an early 80’s New Wave ride that we all may should have seen coming with the success of The Black albums predecessor The Teal Album.

High as a Kite, the third track starts and this writer immediately felt nostalgic, this was the Weezer of the early 90’s, the consistent, know what to expect (in a good way) Weezer. The high point of the album and very well placed between some risky tracks.

Living in L.A and Piece of Cake, the 4 th and 5 th tracks pick up where the first two tracks left off in what is shaping up to be a very ambitious album for the middle aged rockers. Just when a theme is presenting itself the low point and curveball of the album rears its ugly head. I’m Just Being Honest, well if this writer can be honest, feels like filler material, lazy lyrics, just not the quality product you’d expect from the Southern California band.

Too Many Thoughts in my Head, The Prince Who Wanted Everything, and Byzantine follow and take The Black Album in yet another direction. By this point the album has lost that ambitious New Wave feel, and the tracks are sounding more and more like the Weezer of the mid 2000’s, while not a bad thing at all, one can’t help to feel that the energy, time and effort was lacking for the ending of the album.

California Snow, a very solid tracks closes the album and recaptures the theme of the first 5 tracks, the track leaves us wanting more as a closer should, yet also makes this writer ask “Why all the filler?”. In conclusion, a very brave jump into uncharted territory, the album feels like it needed more time and would have been better served to stick to the theme first presented. To quote lyrics from the opening track Knock the Hustle “Leave a Five Star review and I’ll leave one too” I’d say more like a 3.5 star review
would better suit The Black Album.

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