HillBilly Days Billy Johnson Stage 2020 FAQ

When is it?

— April 16th, 17th, 18th

Where is the Stage?

—The Billy Johnson Stage in front of the Appalachian Wireless Arena

Is there Parking for my band van?

—Unfortunately No.  The Festival as a whole takes up the entire town and with the Arena having a major concert their is no way for vehicles to even get to the stage.

Is the stage Covered?


Does the stage have backline?

—Yes!  We will have a House drum kit (Pearl Master Customs), Bass Amp, Vox AC30 & a Line 6 2×12 combo.  The drummer needs to bring Cymbals, Snare, Pedal

Do I have to use the backline?

—We understand musicians like to use their own gear and if you are up for carrying your amps through all the traffic and people then go for it.  As far as drums go we strongly encourage you to use our house kit.  If you must bring your own kit please email Tony at info@btmediagroup.com to work out the details.  Remember changeovers are limited to 15 minutes so your set could be shortened by slow drum changeovers

Can I use my own Front of House Sound Guy?

—We prefer to use the trained FOH we hired for the weekend.  Your FOH can feel free to talk over ques with our techs

Can I sell my merch while I play?

—Yes!  We’ll have a table setup at stage left and feel free to put your merch on the table to sale while you are playing.  After your set be sure to take the merch with you so the next band can set up.

Do I get paid?

—Every year we work one stage sponsors to help us pay the cost of putting on the event and to try to pay every band.  The event has to pay for the sound system, lighting, stagehands and Tech’s so that upfront cost is a priority.  The amount varies and will be discussed prior to booking your spot.  If you have talking about and agreed upon a fee contact info@btmediagroup.com

Can I get paid in cash?

—Due to our record keeping everyone is paid by check


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