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2016 Artist Release Picks

2016 Artist Release Picks

 bt Music News #5 Musicians from Kentucky and the Appalachian region take their music seriously.  I know in my daily conversations “what have you been listening to lately?”  always comes up.  So with 2016...

6 Song E.P.

Check out a special 6 song E.P. Version of “A Very Merry TubeFi Christmas” Only 6$ Stream Every Song A Very Merry TubeFi Christmas Volume 5 by TubeFi Artists  

bt Local Music News

Here’s a few New’s worthy  updates from the music scene in and around East KY. Nov 23rd. – Sundy Best announce they just wrapped up a new project at the Mountain Arts Centers recording...

Carnival Giant – Legless On The Run OUT NOW!

Carnival Giant releases there 2nd E.P. in just 10 months. Legless On the Run is a 6 song collection of smart, uptempo jam rock tunes at it’s best. Fan’s of Umphrey’s McGee, Galactic &...

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