Bek and The Starlight Revue bring ginormous sounds with
their brand-new album, “Bloom”. Hailing from Pikeville, KY,
Bek and The Starlight Revue is a soulful, groovy, jam band with
hints of melodic rock n roll! Bek is super energetic on her vocal
work, making her start writing and performing songs in a
Methodist Church in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.
After listening to “Bloom” all the way through, I was in a total
“WOW” factor! “Bloom” is a magnificent album from start to
finish, and furthermore, was my first experience with Bek and
The Starlight Revue. After listening to “Bloom”, this won’t be
my last experience!”

“Bloom” offers a lot of flavors in this masterpiece of an album!
Chilling guitar solos, amazing melodic melodies, Bek’s
powerful and beautiful voice, the greatness of soul mixed with
hints of rhythm and blues all blended with Appalachian rock n
roll! “Gyspy Heart” caught my attention quick! Being one of the
slower tracks on the album, doesn’t mean that it won’t reach out
of your device, grab your heart and pull it straight out of your
chest! This track speaks to the soul, having such an incredible
slide guitar part, making me think of the great Allman Brothers,
and putting me in a trance to where I’m lost in the song, not
knowing if I will ever return or not. After hearing this, I believe
it truly shows the amazingness behind the band that is, Bek and

The Starlight Revue. The starting track, “California”, makes you
have the mindset of being in Los Angeles in the 1960’s. The
amazing rhythm of the song, combining with the superb guitar
work, will make your ears scream “THANK YOU!”. Not to
mention, the brilliance of “Without A Crowd”, makes the hair
on your neck stand up! I can’t get over how tremendous this
track is, well, all of them are tremendous! I can’t leave out the
conclusion of the album, “Kentucky”. Being my favorite song
on “Bloom”, this song hits home for me. I’ve lived in Kentucky
all my life, enjoying the scenery of the hills for 24 years. Bek
explains all of that in this song. She talks about being in
Kentucky all her life and going down US Highway 23, which
runs through Pikeville, and how she will lay down in the East
Kentucky ground when it’s her time to go. If you’re a Kentucky
person like I am, this song will grab the heart strings. Also, at
the end, Bek throws in a line from “My Old Kentucky Home”
and hits the note of “Home” for about 30 seconds, at least! It
blew my music loving mind to hear how overpowering that was!

I’m so thrilled I got to review this
album and I look forward to hearing more from Bek and The
Starlight Revue. They’ve earned a new fan in me and hopefully,
you’ll check them out and you too, will become a fan!

James “Razor” Stamper