Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021. A day I will never forget. As I was traveling to the show, it started to sink in that I was going to get to see the legendary Styx! I couldn’t believe it! Styx has always been a band I wanted to experience live! I can remember playing Styx through my childhood and still rock out to them in my 20’s. What made this concert special was not only Styx performing, but Collective Soul being there as well. I haven’t dived much into Collective Soul other than their big hit “Shine”, but after seeing them in Louisville, I am a fan! Hands down, no questions asked. With that being said, let’s explore the show in depth!

…As I arrived at the Waterfront Park in Louisville, KY….

 As I arrived at the Waterfront Park in Louisville, KY, it honestly took my breath away. Such an amazing view. The Ohio river ran behind the stage, as you could watch boats, yachts and all kinds of cool “water vehicles” ride the waves. Not to mention, the ever so mind-blowing sunset that came across Waterfront Park. Just wow! I’m going to say this, if you discover a show you want to see at this venue, by all means, GO! You will not be sorry! I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! Don’t believe me? Look at some of the pictures I took of the scenery below. 

Collective Soul was coming out on stage now.

Collective Soul won over Louisville starting with “Who Loves”. The crowd was eating it up! People were moving and dancing, everyone was having a splendid time! This pumped Collective Soul! They loved the reaction they were receiving! Collective Soul knew what they had to do to really steal Louisville’s heart. They pulled out their biggest song “Shine” and from that point on, game over. Waterfront Park erupted!! Something I want to note, the mixing for this concert was astounding! Collective Soul sounded crisp and were tight as could be! It was a pleasure for the ears! They also threw some more rocking songs in such as “Run”, “Right as Rain”, “December”, “Heavy” with some other greats! Collective Soul’s rocking line up consists of “Ed Roland – Vocals”, “Dean Roland – Rhythm Guitar”, “Jesse Triplett – Lead Guitar”, “Will Turpin – Bass”, “Johnny Rabb – Drums”. If you ever get an opportunity to see Collective Soul live, please do it! They know how to put on an exciting show and will make sure you don’t go home disappointed!

Now it was time for Styx to come on stage.

After watching the stunning performance from Collective Soul, I was so pumped to see the band I have been waiting on all night! Styx makes their way to the stage and oh my! The crowd screamed so loud, I thought for sure they were going to bring down the interstate that ran a few 100 feet from the stage!! What a reaction! Styx started their set with an introduction titled “The Fight Of Our Lives” which is off Styx’s newest release “Crash Of The Crown”. Right off the bat, they play one of their biggest hits “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)”! I was in complete shock! Then, they go into another big hit “The Grand Illusion”! Holy crap!! This was the greatest setlist from Styx ever!! Something to also note, I could not keep my eyes off one individual that night. The whole time Styx played; my eyes kept gravitating towards this gentleman. He plays drums for Styx. His name is Todd Sucherman. WOW!!!! Talk about an underrated drummer! This is a madman! The ground shaking beats he had going on, along with the intense drum fills and thunderous double bass work! To quote my friend and concert photographer, Tom Biggs, “GOOD NESS”!! I was beyond excited to get the opportunity to see this superb drummer in action! Of course, Styx had to throw in some more hits with “Miss America”, “Lady”, “Crystal Ball” and ending the night with “Mr. Roboto” and “Renegade”! Renegade was such a thrill to watch live! I will never forget this show as long as I live. It was a 10/10 show!! If you ever get a chance to see Styx live, DO IT! Such an amazing band to watch! I cannot express that statement enough!

Before I wrap this review up, I want to mention that Styx does have a new studio album out as I said before. “Crash of The Crown” is the title of the album. I will be the first to say, Styx is going back to their roots with this new studio album. The heavy keyboards are there along with the substantial grooves that have been laid down by Styx over the years. They never fail with making an album, so please, purchase a copy of this new release and keep Styx and rock n roll itself alive! Support live music everyone!

James “Razor” Stamper