Photos by Thomas Biggs

The Levitt Amp Series makes its epic return in Whitesburg,
KY! Last year, The Levitt Amp Series could not be held due to
COVID-19. This year though, nothing was going to stop this
splendid series from coming back! The Levitt Amp Series is
held every Thursday night in the summertime. Usually from
May-July, but this year, it is ranging from July-September. This
series is held where the Mountain Heritage Festival stage sits. If
you’re local to Whitesburg, you’ll know exactly where I’m
talking about. For those of you who are not local to Whitesburg
however, the stage sits on Depot Street, which is the ramp to and
from downtown, connecting to the Highway 15 Bypass. Myself,
I think it’s a wonderful location to have this series. I have never
been previously, but I am so glad I finally got to experience the
series! Won’t be the last time either!

David Prince, known as “Laid Back Country Picker”, made a
stop at The Levitt Amp Series along with his ever so full of
emotion wife, “Honey” (Teresa Prince) to do what would be an
outstanding setlist! On a side note, David and Teresa have
another band titled “Luna and The Mountain Jets”. Please check
them out if you haven’t! Whenever you see a White Ford Crown
Victoria with a spotlight on the driver side mirror, also having
“LBCP” on the front license plate, rolling into a venue, there’s

only 2 people that can be in that vehicle. None other than Laid
Back and Honey. I was so excited to get to see this amazing act
on stage once again! They never fail to disappoint! I don’t care
what kind of emotion you have before watching Laid Back and
Honey, after you watch the show, you’ll be smiling from ear to
ear! It’s fun for the whole family!

Laid Back and Honey makes their way out to perform for a
HUGE crowd in Whitesburg! I have never been previously, like
I stated before, but Whitesburg Councilman, “Mike Jackson”
stated that “The audience we had tonight was triple than what it
had ever been before”. Not only because of the amazing talent
Whitesburg had booked for Levitt Amp, but also because
COVID-19 has kept everyone in doors for the most part. People
are starving for live music again! This makes me so happy to see
people of all ages getting out and having fun! Anyway, lets get
back to the performance! Laid Back and Honey are performing,
and the crowd is loving every second. Laid Back performed
some tremendous songs such as “Party Line”, “Magoffin County
Cadillac”, “Truck Stop Sam”, and “David Bowie”. Greg Martin,
of the Kentucky Headhunters, even came out and jammed a
song with them! David and the Headhunters are very good
friends, so it’s not a surprise to see those gentlemen jam with
each other! The crowd was dancing, moving their heads,
everything was perfect in the town of Whitesburg, KY. Laid
Back and Honey are both amazing musicians and its an honor to
get to see the brilliance and the chemistry between these 2 come
together on the stage. Excellent. One more thing I want to

mention, has anyone else noticed the Waylon Jennings guitar
tone that Laid Back has? I’m not sure if anyone has picked up
on it, but I sure have! Only person I have ever heard, that has
that kind of tone to a guitar besides Waylon himself. That is
honestly gifted. If you don’t really understand what I’m talking
about, listen to Waylon Jennings and the special guitar tone he
has and then listen to Laid Back and you’ll understand. 10/10
Performance. Wouldn’t miss Laid Back and Honey for

The Kentucky Headhunters made their way off the tour bus and
it was their turn to rock Whitesburg!

The Kentucky Headhunters hails from Edmonton, KY
(Metcalfe County). Some of you from the beautiful state of
Kentucky, may recognize this place. There’s also another band
that comes out of this same location. Who is it you may ask?
None other than Black Stone Cherry. Black Stone Cherry’s
drummer, John Fred Young, has family in the Kentucky
Headhunters. Richard Young, guitar player for the Headhunters,
is John Fred’s Dad. Fred Young, drummer of the Headhunters,
is John Fred’s Uncle. No question as to where John Fred Young
got his drumming skills at! Uncle and nephew can throw down!
That’s all I got to say about that!

The Kentucky Headhunters had the crowd roaring in
Whitesburg! The Headhunters had been there before, but it was
a special appearance this time. Richard Young talked about how
beautiful the town of Whitesburg was and how proud he was of
all the nice buildings and businesses that had came into the
town. Overall, they were so pleased to be back and they were
sure to let it be known, they wanted to return and play again!
Now here is where the true dancing and getting up began! The
Headhunters had won over Whitesburg already within the first
few songs! But when they pulled out “Walk Softly On This
Heart On Mine”, Whitesburg’s heart was stole! Just when I
thought it couldn’t get better, here comes “Dumas Walker”. Oh
wow! The reaction! I’m positive you could hear the crowd at the
Taco Bell in Whitesburg (which is a good distance from where
the series is held)! Something I thought was super cool, which I
have never seen a band do, is they gave away bottles of Ski,
which is like a Fresca style soda, along with a slaw burger and
fries. Reason being is because this is in their song “Dumas
Walker”. How nice of them is it to give out free slaw burgers,
fries and a bottle of Ski? Huge thanks to the MCHC trailer for
doing an incredible job of preparing these! It was so good! They
also did a stunning cover of “Have You Ever Loved A
Woman”? Man, can they play the blues! They could play the
phone directory and I would listen to it!

But you know, The Headhunters weren’t going to leave without
a special person performing. That’s right! Laid Back and Honey
got up on the stage with them and performed! I love the spirit

and the joyfulness that The Headhunters and Laid Back has
together! Laid Back, if you read this, how about an album
together? You may ask, it is possible? It’s very possible and
needs to happen! Make it happen, Laid Back!!

I can’t forget, I got to witness Fred Young do a mind-blowing
drum solo! Oh, my word! If I didn’t know where John Fred
Young got his drum skills, OH I DO NOW! 5-7 minutes of non-
stop fills, beats, grooves and doing all these fancy things on the
kit. One point, Fred was spinning his sticks through his fingers
while keeping the beat! Fred also did a John Bonham trick,
dropping his sticks, and playing drums with his hands! I’ve seen
few drummers do this, but when they do advance on this act, it’s
super fun to watch! I love watching drummers at concerts!
Especially ones who know what the drum set is all about and
friends, Fred Young definitely knows. 10/10. Please come back
soon, Kentucky Headhunters! I got to see you again!

I always say this and will continue to say this. Support live
music! Buy a t shirt, buy a CD/Vinyl, buy anything from the
merch table. Help your favorite artists stay on the road and help
them continue to write, so we can have amazing music to listen
to forever! Live music cannot die! It almost did due to COVID-19 But here is our chance to make it live and breathe again!
Let’s do it!!

James “Razor” Stamper