August 21 st , 2021, I find myself traveling to the Corbin
Arena, located in Corbin, KY, off Interstate 75. Why may you
ask? It’s very simple. The Legendary 38 Special came to burn
the arena to the ground with County Wide and Taylor McCall!
Words can’t describe how excited I was!! It was unbelievably
mind blowing to try and process that I was getting ready to see a
show, that I knew deep in my heart, it would leave a huge
impression. Boy, oh boy, If there was one time in my 23 years of
life on planet Earth that I had ever felt right, it was this moment!
With that being said, let’s get into the show and discuss these
amazing acts!

First on the bill was local Corbin, KY
“Country/Blues/Rock” band titled “County Wide”. WOW!
Brilliant music minds! These 5 gentlemen had their act together!
From start to finish, they refused to let up! Doing covers such as
“Radar Love” (this was a super shocker!), “Turn The Page”,
“Enter Sandman” (Holy Crap, what a guitar solo!), “Back In
Black”, plus a few originals including “Tennessee Woman”. I
could go on and on about this superb act! They started the night
with power and had me pumped up for the rest of the night!
County Wide made a new fan that night and if you see this

thrilling band in concert, you’ll become a fan too! No questions
about that!

Next up, Taylor McCall. Talk about the blues! If you’re a blues
fan and really want to hear the guitar scream like a Panther in
the nighttime on a pitch-black open trail, then you need to check
out Taylor McCall! Might I add that Taylor only had a drummer
with him on stage, making it a 2-piece band. Not very often that
you see a duo together like that, especially in the blues category.
Taylor McCall had smoke coming from the frets of the guitar at
one point! It was that tremendous. Be sure to give him a listen!

Now, it was time for 38 Special! In words of my good friend
and super Photographer, Tom Biggs, “GOOD NESS”! 38
Special had the Corbin Arena erupt! It got so loud, that you
would have thought CM Punk stepped in the arena! (Wrestling
fans, you know what I mean)! It was one of the greatest shows
of 2021. No doubt about that. 38 Special started with “Rockin
Into The Night”. You would also hear “Chain Lightin”, “Caught
Up In You”, “If I’d Been The One”, “Hold On Loosely” with a
couple of surprise covers such as “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day –
Chicago” and “Travelin’ Band – CCR”. Don Barnes had been
with 38 Special since the start and watching him perform, you
would have thought he had joined the band yesterday. It was
super! So blessed I got to see this show. Hopefully, Covid -19
goes away for good and will give us a chance to see shows like
this more often, once again!!