AVAP 003 – Art Newsome / King Jesus (Southern Gospel)

=-= Our goal with this ongoing project is to Archive and protect the rich musical history in and around the Appalachian Region. During the 50’s through the 80’s hundreds of local and regional artists wrote, recorded and performed all through our region. Unfortunately back then their wasn’t an easy way to preserve the music coming out of our area. Thousands of regionally recorded Vinyl releases have been lost to time along with all those family and friend style bands. The AVAP hopes to archive and share as many local projects as possible. This type of venture not only shines a light on the bands but will showcase all the studios, engineers, session musicians etc that helped make all these records possible.

=-= Album Text

=-= As I make this record, I would like to thank some of the ones who have been a blessing to me in my life. First of all, I thank God for salvation through his son Jesus I want to thank the Lord for a praying mom that taught me to fear the Lord Then, I want to thank the Lord for a pastor who taught me the ways of the Lord, the late Reu. Rex Huffman of Stepney Faith Center, Aberdeen, Maryland. The song “Standing Somewhere In The Shadows”. was one of his favorites. Many times at the altar call in the services he would turn to me and ask me to sing it for him, so I want to dedicate it to his memory. Next I want to thank Charles “Tommy” Jones for the words to, and allowing me the privilege of recording his composition of “Streets of Gold”. Almost last, but not least, a special thanks to Butler Adkins and Roosevelt Blair for their financial backing to make this record possible. Finally I want to thank you that listen to this album and I hope you enjoy the song I wrote “At The Cross”. If one soul is blessed by any song on this record all the work that went into it will not be in vain